Girls have very different nature from guys.You can give them present of any type expensive or of low price but the thing matters is the intensity of your expressing your love while giving it to her.
They always want to get feel special from their guy & love surprises. The challenging thing is that they discuss every thing of bf with their friends so a competition started & BF has to suffer in it LOL.

When giving gifts wrap it perfectly & cleanly & also express how much you love her. She will be much more happy if she will find your love much more than any thing. Wrap the gift in red or pink gift paper.
Girl love Pink & red color. They like childish stuff also like toys, love pillows, chocolates, lays, power puff girls oops sorry :P

Top 10 gifts you can gift her are:
  • Love Necklaces 
  • Chocolates
  • Ring ( Hot)
  • A Special I Love You Bear 
  • Love Pillows
  • Make A card for her by own
  • Kiss Her
  • Makeup Kit 
  • A Beutifull Dress
  • Perfume