The current money rate in Pakistan are facing down fall. The crisis is moving fast in our country as compared to other world. The government is nowhere found in doing any thing for improving the currency (Money) Rates. Daily consumer products are now very difficult to be purchased by a common man. Prices exceeds and now living in this country is like impossible. Around 75% of peoples don't have a better food to eat. I accepts that it is also because of global recession but as we look in our neighbors like China & India They have better currency rate or money rate we can say.

Indian currency is now 2:1 ratio with Pakistani rupee and if our behavior & our government behavior will remain same then it can be 20:1 ratio in the future. We should call a round conferince with the bussiness icons & Finacial advisors of our country & decide what we need to recover our currency rate & bring back the prosperity of our country also.