Gold is the most valuable in all the metals today and plays a major role in the field of investment. Gold has its own importance for investors and it is mostly used as a shelter and a safety point for them in economical breakdown, currency crises and in war where there is a market decline. Gold is behaving more like a currency than an article of commerce today in Pakistan.
Gold in the past was used instead of money and people used it as a currency. Pakistan It was mostly used in trade and commerce. Gold is better than money because currency rates can go down but prices and value of gold is unique it remains constant throughout the world therefore it can act as a global currency as compared to Pakistan.
After World War 1 and World War 2 the use of gold as a currency was stopped and a new system of Bretton Woods System was introduced in which the certain amount of gold was equal to the US Dollars. But still today gold in the present world is in the top class of all precious and valuable materials.
Banks in Pakistan are also offering gold reserve accounts.