Well i want you guys to share your prank you will do this time on April,2011 with your bf or gf?. I need some thing very cool this time to do with my friends.
Well last year I fooled 3 of my friends by sending them message that i am friend of her etc & she is in the hospital because of getting electricity shock from electric motor & my friend call me up :D
Well do remember one thing do not  try to fool people who are old enough & it can make a brig tragedy for you & them. Be Care.
Well let me post top Pranks of all time :D

Ketchup legs:
All you charge is a brace bales of ketchup. Put the ketchup bales beneath the toilets rim, so that aback addition sits down, the bales pop, and the being gets their legs covered in ketchup. (I admonish you to do this in the girl’s bathroom, aback they accept to sit for everything, and boys….don’t get caught?).

Give calculators indisposition :
For this to work, your chic charge accept a Newer TI blueprint calculator, or a calculator that has abutting anchorage computer.
Most of the Newer TI Graphing calculators accept ports to affix with computes. These ports accept a attribute that looks article like l/0. Aback you bung the bond that hooks up to your computer into the l/0 port, the Calculator automatically turns on. What you do is booty a accustomed allotment of graphite (just breach a accustomed pencil and booty the lead) and stick it into the l/0 whole. The Calculator, cerebration that it is absorbed up to the computer, will not about-face off. If you appetite to be absolutely nasty, breach off the advance to accomplish abatement impossible, banishment them to either accept their Calculator on all the time or accelerate in for a replacement.

Ultimate Pranks »
Well, it’s not absolutely exploding the locker itself, but exploding the lock. You aloof accept to ample the punch with accretion foam, you can buy the cream at accouterments stores. You inject it into the lock, afterwards a few account it expands and goes hard. Time it appropriate and the lock will able and actually explode, additionally accomplish abiding that there are no bodies in the way or the will get aching or injured.
Another adjustment is to inject it beneath the punch area possible, it will draft the punch off and they won’t be able to get the being out of their locker.

My admired – Clean up on isle 6:
Buy a snickers bar, or a Butterfinger, it doesn’t matter. Melt it in the microwave, dump it in the average of your schools alley and leave a wet attic sign. It makes it attending like some one took a dump their.

Poyt… I beggarly typo:
All you charge is scissors. Go to your schools library, or any library at that. Cull out you accessible brace of scissors and alpha plucking out the letters. Afterwards your accomplished demography them out, put them aback on randomly, Enjoy.

While Your victim is asleep, Reset their anxiety alarm so it goes off about 2am or 3am. But instead of agreement it aback on the nightstand, adumbrate it, so the victim will be off groggily hunting were the annoying complete is advancing from.

Dude, you’re glowing!!!
Pour “Calumet” (the being in those afterglow sticks you see every Halloween) on addition again deathwatch them and say, “Dude, you’re glowing” and watch them panic.

Attack of the clowns!
While your victim is asleep. Apply admeasure of white architecture on your face with aphotic eye adumbration and a huge red circle. You can get as artistic as you like with this. The added architecture the better. Again abruptness you victim by alive him up while captivation a ablaze to your alarming antic face! He or she will aberration out!

Wake Up, You’re late!
Reset all the clocks in your abode advanced two hours while your victim is sleeping. Aback he or she wakes up they will anticipate they over slept and are two hours backward for assignment or school.
Well, that’s all the pranks, Hope you like them, Cheers!