We hear, but we do not listen. We look, but we do not see.

Many differences in our lives can cause the bond of relationships to break or get weak. We get so preoccupied in ourselves and obsessed with our own thoughts that we create a mirror in front of us, a mirror that only shows us our own reflection. It becomes an obstacle in front of us that does not allow us to see and understand the reality that lies beyond that mirror.

This mirror could be in the form of our lack of judgment, ego, narrow-mindedness, doubts, arrogance, stereotypes, and prejudices. We forget that every individual is different, and it is not necessary that you see your reflection on the other side of the mirror as well. Our desire to be always right, acts as a blindfold in the relation, that does not allow to see anything beyond the mirror.

In some circumstances, the truth does not lie beyond the mirror either. Hence, in such situations the will to seek and understand the truth that lies somewhere in between is what matters. It is not necessary that the other person is always right, neither does it mean that you are right either. This is where understanding plays its role. You may understand what they are saying, but still disagree with it. So how did understanding help solve the problem? Did it not make it more complicated?

Well, it is not only in literal terms that you need to understand what the person is saying. Misunderstandings occur when we focus on the words rather than the speaker. You need to understand the reasons behind the arguments. You need to understand why this argument is taking place, rather than focusing on what the argument is and trying to prove yourself right. Because, only then you will be able to see beyond the mirror, rather than continue being obsessed with your own reflection.