Oh desperately searching about Ali Zafar's Marriage? Sad story for you that he is married now to a girl name Ayesha Fazli. Once Ali Zafar said he will wed a pleasing & beautiful lady so why he married this aunty :D Lol Poor Ali :D

Well I will like to congratulate him & his wife. Words for him "Marriage is a lottery in which group interest their autocracy as well as women their happiness”.

Oh stop being sad Atif Aslam is still single try him or find some good looking guy in your area.

As a prove below are the pictures of Pop Star Ali Zafar's marriage.

Have Fun Enjoy!!

Life is great for Ali Zafar: he has a lot starting for him where his song is endangered (Coke Studio was a manoeuvre for him) as well as right away his personal hold up is in full freshness too!
Lots of felicitations for his marriage final night to his prolonged time sweetheart, Ayesha Fazli, a daughter of a distinguished counsel in Lahore. Unlike alternative luminary weddings whose celebrations vessel over weeks, as well as shorten put up with as well as extravagance, Ali Zafar chose to have a really simply nonetheless superb event with family as well as a closest of friends during his hometown in Lahore. Originally scheduled for October, a family motionless to pull behind a date to Jul in a preference done only dual weeks ago given Ali was in Oct with debate dates as well as assumingly couldn’t fist in sufficient time to get tied together then.
With a star similar to Ali a single approaching a media playground with an environment of stars as well as brood of beauties from a glamorous universe of party as well as fashion, as well as nonetheless superstars similar to Ali Azmat, Atif Aslam, Jal, designers similar to cousin Amir Adnan, as well as Zara Shahjahan as well as models Iman Ali as well as Iffat Omer graced a occasion, it wasn’t as huge an event as it could have been.
Fawad Khan of EP was additionally benefaction with his family. It’s tough to have so most stars around as well as not be tempted for cinema to post upon Facebook to swank as well as stimulate enviousness from others, as well as so in standard teenage fashion, immature youth girls alive in reserve both Ali Zafar as well as Atif Aslam, whilst they stood embracing any other, pushed their approach by as well as pleaded for pictures.
What a steer which was! And zero could kick a dear Governor Punjab who walked in, a accurate notation a Nikkah ended, with a set of bodyguards which stomped right by a gymnasium onto a stage, with guest seeking upon eyes rolling. Hardly a respectful thing to do during someone (else’s) marriage though afterwards a politicians were never well known for their manners!
Anyhow… entrance behind to a cocktail prince, he eventually got hitched. And to which you contend “congratulations”!