Zardari call Shahid Afridi & force him to go for a defeat against India on 2nd semi final held in Mohali, 30th March 2011. Some Sources saying he give afridi death threats to him.
Every Pakistani was expecting a Victory against India as Pakistani team was in great form & moral after they beated Australia as well as Sri Lanka in the tournament. But every thing goes against pakistan & team lost the match. searching for audio tape now

Rumor :
I am Calling it a rumor as it is not confirmed till now & expecting Pakistani media to find it out.

Gillani called Afridi is Confirmed but they fixed the match or not, I cant put words on that? But some thing that is disturbing is the attitude & face expressions of Afridi i saw in than match. He was not fighting at all. Very Calm face no sign of Victory on his face.

Thanks for Reading . Media people Have much more sources than us so expecting them to expose if it really happened in Semi Final Between Pakistan & India on 30th March.

Zardari Call Afridi - Zardari Fix the Match, talk, exposed

  1. ghori 4 April 2011 at 06:57  

    **** zardari!