When you find two aged people talking in a public place in Karachi trust me either they are discussing politics or the current circumstances which are people facing in the city and if you are bound to listen to their pointless conversation it definitely turn you into a psycho.
I don’t know why people are so pessimistic about our city; life is so valuable here if you don’t agree with the last part I mentioned then take a stroll outside at night with your cell phone. I will suggest you to keep an expensive one as snatchers are very heartily & sometimes they might often return it back.
Nowadays situations are quite better but every now and then there is a wild and furious counterstrike match between the casts based in different neighborhoods in which many precious lives are wasted. Karachi is a big city containing populations of different communities from all over Pakistan. These communities fight mainly due to the conspiracies between sects and casts.
 I would like to point to a very important issue regarding those situations in which you are delivered in a rag by a white high-roof and at an unknown place an unidentified man asks you, from which cast you belong then it’s like a million dollar question for you and if your casts mismatched with that man, you are minced meat. My suggestion is that we all should get a special training so we can answer it correctly and get saved from that violent butchery.
Karachi is cool place with huge malls, restaurants, cinemas, parks & beaches but one should prefer to go to all these places in the morning or else he will be detonated along with the bomb blast. It is nowadays in fashion in Karachi.
Karachi is also famous due to its awesome beach which is always flooded with the sewerage water which people enjoy the most during summer.
Well I still love Karachi & I can never find such a unique & beautiful city like Karachi In whole world. The city is the economical & business capital of Pakistan. Large proportion of Revenue of the country is generated through Karachi.

Jokes apart well I really love & proud to be a Karachiite!